bulb - HP Partner to Expand Access to Digital Portfolio Tools

bulb digital portfolio logo

At the Education World Forum, bulb Digital Portfolios announced its web application will be pre-loaded on screens of HP.edu devices giving students and teachers immediate access to the tool. 

Bulb’s web application will be a featured education tool on the screens of every HP education devices. Having access to bulb will help school districts implement a digital portfolio initiative giving them the ability to:

  • Document a student’s process and growth over time 
  • Provide evidence of a student’s potential to a future school or employer 
  • Make visible the  process work that goes into long projects and big ideas
  • Help students to be agents of their education, increasing engagement, competitions and academic performance

Educators interested in seeing a demo of the bulb web application can visit them at the following upcoming events: 


January 23-26, 2019
Stand D350
London, UK


January 27-30, 2019
Booth #2931
Orlando, FL


February 4-8, 2019
Booth #879
San Antonio, TX