CA High School boosts ELL student pass rate on CAHSEE through intervention programs

Cesar E. Chavez High School in Central San Joaquin Valley, California has seen great gains in pass rates on the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) through the implementation of intervention programs including Revolution K12’s CAHSEE 380 and CAHSEE Intervention.

CCHS supports a diverse student population with 28% of students being English Learners and 79% receiving free or reduced lunch. While recognized as a California Distinguished School, CCHS implemented Revolution K12 because it wanted to help a greater percentage of its students achieve CAHSEE pass rates.

After its first year using Revolution K12 programs, CCHS students’ CAHSEE Math pass rate improved from 85% to 93% and students’ CAHSEE English Language Arts (ELA) pass rate improved from 77% to 91%. CCHS’ English Learner students’ pass rates increased from 34% to 63%.

In determining CCHS’ annual accountability standards in its Adequate Yearly Progress report, an additional 17.3% of students tested proficient and above in ELA (from 50.0% to 67.3%) and an additional 13.5% of students tested proficient and above in Math (from 62.5% to 76.0%).

“Revolution CAHSEE 380 allows teachers to monitor and assess the progress of each student while giving teachers the option of assigning additional online work for those who are struggling with a specific content standard/strand,” said Russell Lentz, CCHS teacher. “This is particularly helpful for our ELL students because it provides additional tutorials that guide them throughout the process. Another great feature is that CAHSEE 380 allows our advanced students to work at their own pace with instant results regarding their overall scores and performance levels -- advanced, proficient, etc.”

Revolution K12, a rapidly-growing web-based adaptive software division of Revolution Prephas released several new case studies showing increased student proficiency and overall achievement seen by schools that have implemented Revolution K12’s family of products.. Through adaptive, web-based tools, Revolution K12’s CAHSEE 380 and CAHSEE Intervention programs help educators differentiate skills-based instruction to personalize learning and offer comprehensive support in preparing for the ELA and Math CAHSEE exams.