Calgary Catholic School District deploys new security system

MOBOTIX, an industry leading provider of high-resolution, network-based security solutions, today announces that Calgary Catholic School District deployed a comprehensive MOBOTIX megapixel, IP-based surveillance solution as part of a system-wide upgrade from analog to digital video security.

Calgary Catholic School District in Alberta, Canada, is home to more than 45,000 students in 102 schools across the province. CCSD replaced its analog video system with a network-based surveillance solution to improve the protection of students, staff and visitors, secure community events and future-proof overall security. The district’s high schools are each equipped with up to 20 MOBOTIX cameras. The MOBOTIX Q24 Hemispheric Camera is used to monitor internal areas while the MOBOTIX D12 and M12 cameras are used in outdoor applications.

The Q24 is a hemispheric 360-degree camera that offers a simultaneous quad display of all four room corners and offers digital continuous pan, tilt, zoom functionality. The M12 is a dual camera that provides brilliant image and color quality in the day and high sensitivity at night, thanks to two separate image sensors for color and B/W, while the D12 includes two individually positioned sensors and two separately directional lenses to simultaneously monitor different areas.

“We obtained huge operational improvements at a significant cost savings with the networked surveillance solution from MOBOTIX,” said Al Berting, Manager of Operations, Calgary Catholic School District. “We’ve also experienced real-world results. After installing the cameras in high-risk areas, we noticed a significant reduction in vandalism and therefore, an immediate return-on-investment.”

Calgary Catholic School District selected MOBOTIX because of its decentralized approach to surveillance technology. Each camera incorporates a high-speed computer and internal flash memory card (SD/MicroSD card) to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera, reducing the need for a separate PC or DVR. The school district also installed MxControlCenter, a professional video management software package that connects any number of cameras at any location with centralized or local, user-based operation and evaluation.

“The process of securing a campus environment is challenging and it is rewarding to see how growing school districts benefit greatly from the efficiencies provided by IP-based surveillance,” said Steve Gorski, General Manager, Americas, MOBOTIX. “The solution delivered to Calgary Catholic School District is a perfect example of how an innovative use of high-resolution, networked surveillance can provide higher video quality, reduced upfront costs, quicker investigations and peace-of-mind.”