California districts support visual learning

California’s two largest high school districts have opted for the same digital media management solution.

Sweetwater Union High School District of Chula Vista and Kern High School District (KHSD) of Bakersfield have implemented SAFARI Montage because of its flexible digital media management system and educational video content, which are tied to California state standards.

“The implementation of SAFARI Montage as a media management system has been extremely successful,” reported Paul Helman, Director of Information Systems and Technology for KHSD, “The intuitive user interface, LDAP integration and support by the company are second to none.”

While KHSD’s implementation was relatively simple, Sweetwater’s was more complicated. That’s because it needed a solution that would work well with another system - the curriculum management program Learning Village. To integrate the two systems, SAFARI Montage provided links to its video resources to be embedded in Learning Village. With 81% of its students Spanish-speaking, the district also considered the availability of Spanish Language Tracks as a key factor in its decision to purchase SAFARI Montage.

In addition to using the pre-loaded video content, the two districts can also upload, manage and share their own digital video and other content.