Campus safety promoted with remote surveillance solution

Video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. announces that Victory Christian, a K-12 private school located in Carmichael, California, is using MobileCamViewer to monitor campus activity. Superintendent John Huffman uses MobileCamViewer on his Samsung Charge 4G Android smartphone to watch the school from any location, ensuring campus safety and reducing unnecessary site visits.

Huffman recently purchased MobileCamViewer after several false alarms cost the school hundreds of dollars in fines due to unnecessary emergency response by the Carmichael Sheriff’s Department.

“Each false alarm costs the school $150, so if I can prevent the police from responding it helps us keep unnecessary costs down,” said Huffman. “I have been able to see a teacher set the alarm accidently and cancel the police. I feel comfortable making informed decisions from seeing who is actually there, and it saves me trips to the school if I am at home in the evenings. At the very least, MobileCamViewer saves money and time while providing up-to-the-minute security."

The mobile surveillance solution also includes five Dedicated Micros Speed Dome cameras, placed outdoors, in hallways and in the gymnasium. Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 DVRs record daily activity to provide safety records for the school and law enforcement if required due to an incident.

MobileCamViewer allows the superintendent to view campus-wide activity to ensure that there are no intruders, and students and staff are safe. At sporting events, he monitors the gymnasium and outdoor areas to identify trespassers, and observes the stands to make sure that everyone is secure during the games. Huffman can also confirm that teachers and students are using the gymnasium only at permitted times.

"The importance of mobile surveillance in today’s education environment, and the benefits it brings in terms of peace of mind and student protection are vital school safety issues," said Huffman. "MobileCamViewer easily and effectively solves this most critical issue of monitoring school safety, ensuring student and staff well-being."