Charleston district deploys Kineo tablets for 5th graders

Charleston R1 School District is deploying 100 Kineo tablets in Warren E. Hearns Elementary School. The tablets will be used with Brainchild's MAP Achiever! software for assessment and data-driven instruction on Missouri GLE's to help students prepare for MAP testing. Students use the tablets for individualized instruction. Their progress can be uploaded to web-based reports to help teachers and administrators adjust individual and group instruction.

Warren E. Hearns Elementary intends to initially use the Kineo tablet to help prepare 5th grade students for MAP testing. The web based reporting will help capture student performance data that will assist with differentiating instruction within the classroom. Warren E Hearns Elementary has been using Brainchild's MAP Achiever! software on computers since the beginning of the school year. The Kineo tablets will now add an option that will allow students access to their work anytime and anywhere.

Kineo tablets are built for schools: they have 7” screens with built-in screen protectors, a 10 hour battery, and safety features designed specifically for school usage. They give students restricted access to the Web, Flash capabilities for multimedia instruction, and a choice of numerous eReader programs.

Brainchild’s web-based assessment and instruction programs sync with Kineos to provide reports and maximum access to instruction.