Chicago Archdiocese lands streaming media discount

New Dimension Media is offering its streaming educational media—from providers like Disney Educational Productions, National Geographic Education, BBC Motion Gallery, and more—to the Chicago Archdiocese at a special discounted rate. Schools in the Archdiocese may now choose to adopt CCC!’s 4,000 programs, 70,000 teaching segments, and detailed teacher’s guides, all calibrated to standards for K-12 students. CCC! will be offering 400 new programs in the fall, including the Great Authors series—profiling over 64 great writers—and twenty new geometry titles.

“We have found CCC! very user friendly, and that it integrates with our curricula incorporating interactive boards,” said Sister Anne Busch, Principal of St. Anne Catholic School in Barrington, IL. “The content is timely, and the professional growth offered by New Dimension Media staff is very beneficial to the teachers. Our teachers are very excited to use CCC! in their classrooms.”

“We are pleased to be able to present our streaming media to schools in the Chicago Archdiocese,” said Melissa Moreland, Vice President of Acquisitions and Program Development for New Dimension Media. “New Dimension Media is committed to bringing parochial schools the finest in educational media for the 21st century classroom, and we feel our offer to schools in Chicago’s Archdiocese is a strong demonstration of that commitment.”

The Archdiocese of Chicago oversees more than 250 schools and 100,000 students.