Choosing Mentors

When you create a coaching and mentoring program, it is important to choose mentors carefully.

  • Choose mentors who are able to create enthusiasm and excitement in using technology across the curriculum.
  • Consider people who work cooperatively with staff in a non-threatening way.
  • Don't use technical expertise as the first criteria: consider curriculum leaders who use technology.

Once the mentors are chosen, I think it is important to have a school district support team. In my district, that means having one or two mentors per school who meet once per month to share what's happening at each site and sharing resources and ideas.

  • Provide them time during the day to work with teachers and their classes.
  • Develop an assessment of what your teachers need: What are the teachers doing? What are their topics/themes? What kinds of software and other resources can support them in the classroom?
  • Provide a stipend and compensation for their own professional growth.

Attending conferences and workshops were a great help to me. Sometimes I wasn't much more than a half step ahead of the teachers I worked with. But it was motivating to me as a mentor, because I knew they were anxious to get the next step going with their students.

Submitted by:Joni Turville

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