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Chromebook Adoption Surges: IESD Survey

The Business Edition: 2014 National Surveyon Mobile Technology asked TechnologyDirectors, CIOs, and CTOs to identify thetop platforms for mobile technology, inorder to help developers and businessesprioritize their latest software development.
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The Business Edition: 2014 National Survey on Mobile Technology asked Technology Directors, CIOs, and CTOs to identify the top platforms for mobile technology, in order to help developers and businesses prioritize their latest software development. For the third year in a row, Chromebook adoption in K-12 schools is on the rise.

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Educators were asked to choose from the following: ebook readers, iPod Touch, iPad, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook, Google Nexus, LearnPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, smartphones, and other devices.




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Survey on MobileTechnology for K-12

A recent survey on mobile technology for K-12 education, conducted in April by IESD, asked 214 educators about their plans for implementing mobile technology.

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Chromebook Tips

While many schools are usingGoogle Chromebooks to updatetheir aging classroom technology,they might be missing out on keyresources to assist in large-scaledeployment.

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Mobile Device Survey

In a recent “Mobile Device Management: Sanity and Success with an iPad 1:1” Tech & Learning/ Lightspeed webinar, participants were asked “Are you planning a mobile device roll-out?” Here are their replies:

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Curriculum Survey

Knovation recently released results of its 2014 National Digital Content & CurriculumSurvey, which discusses the elements of a K-12 digital curriculum strategy that are mostimportant to educators.