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While many schools are usingGoogle Chromebooks to updatetheir aging classroom technology,they might be missing out on keyresources to assist in large-scaledeployment.
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Look Toward Your Learning Network for Tips on Chromeboooks

While many schools are using Google Chromebooks to update their aging classroom technology, they might be missing out on key resources to assist in large-scale deployment.

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1. Chromebook Edu (Google Community) The Google+ community for Chromebooks, Chrome OS, and Chrome browser in EDU.

2. Google Ed Groups (GEG) GEGs provide a geographically-based platform for educators who use Google and live in your area.

3. Intel Chromebook Support Community Intel Education’s community for Chromebooks, tablets, and 2-in-1 devices.

4. Twitter listsCheck out Chromebook Eds, a public list by Michael Podraza, or Chromebook Gurus, a list by Beth Still.

5. The Chromebook EDU Consortium The Chromebook EDU Consortium brings custom learning solutions to schools deploying Chromebooks and Google Apps.

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Chromebook Adoption Surges: IESD Survey

The Business Edition: 2014 National Surveyon Mobile Technology asked TechnologyDirectors, CIOs, and CTOs to identify thetop platforms for mobile technology, inorder to help developers and businessesprioritize their latest software development.