Chromebooks Helping Schools Integrate Technology

Over the past two school years, use of Chromebooks at BEYOND Technology Education (BTE) client schools across the U.S. has increased by 20%. The cost is often times half of traditional mobile solutions. These schools are transforming from single computer labs to mobile environments with technology-rich curriculum.

BTE developed the School-Wide Integration Model (SWIMGrid) as a planning and project management approach to bridge technology and curriculum.

Saint Joachim Catholic School in Costa Mesa, California, is one example of a school that has successfully transitioned into a technology-rich learning environment using Chromebooks and SWIMGrid.

“Soon after purchasing the Chromebooks, we realized that our limited knowledge wouldn’t allow us to see the full potential for technology in classrooms,” said Sister Kathleen Marie, principal at Saint Joachim Catholic School. “We knew we had to think about the future and dream big, and BTE gave us the roadmap to make that a reality for our students and teachers.”

When asked to reflect on the use of technology on campus, one eighth grade student added: “The world is evolving so quickly in its use of technology that I think if we didn’t have all this stuff at our school I would feel a step behind everybody.”

After collaborating with BTE three years ago, Saint Joachim Catholic School now has a dedicated technology instructor, all teachers are trained on how to integrate technology into their curriculum, and every student is actively engaged in technology.

“My students are seeing the direct implication that there are real world connections between what they learn in the classroom and technology,” said fourth grade teacher Kim Cashin.