Co-Author Projects

Because schools are using lessons or units that come with textbooks, teachers are not feeling any ownership of what they teach. As a professional developer you can work with teachers to adapt existing curriculum. When they put their name on a lesson that they adapted, teachers are more concerned with the lesson's success. You can meet with teachers face-to-face or online to co-develop lessons or units.

  • Ask teachers to provide you with a list of curriculum topics or lessons they would like to adapt or create new activities.
  • Collect existing support materials, artifacts, websites, or videos on the topic that the teacher may have access to for this project.
  • Find other teachers who also are interested in this topic and would like to be part of the development team.
  • Assign different jobs for teachers and you as developers
  • Pull all the resources together as a unit and individual lessons, post on website and give to teachers in the team.
  • Searching for websites and resources
  • Developing activities
  • Creating templates and handouts

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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