Colorado district chooses Hitachi StarBoards

The Lewis-Palmer School District in Monument, CO has selected Hitachi Software StarBoard interactive whiteboards to help develop educational programs, purchased through Troxell Communications. The district uses twenty-four of the FXDUO-77 model StarBoards at the elementary and high school levels.

Teachers are using the StarBoards for all major subject areas at the high school level with much success; English teacher Kathleen Raphael finds the board to be “a great tool to teach students how to edit and revise their writing.” Marc Johnson, a Math teacher in the Lewis-Palmer School District, found the board to be just as helpful for math—he says students “struggle to transfer certain concepts when diagrams change,” and says the StarBoard “allows a teacher to make these illustrations come to life,” creating a more interactive classroom environment.

The School District hopes to create a high-tech multi-purpose classroom “where students can collaborate about a project using StarBoard as the center point of their discussion,” adds Tracey Lehman, the district’s Director of Educational Technology.