Companies Partner To Give $10/Month Data Plans, Free 4g Modems To Educators

Digital Wish has teamed up to bring Mobile Beacon's 4G mobile broadband donation program to educators on Through Mobile Beacon's program, qualified public schools, 501(c)3 nonprofit schools, and libraries will receive up to 11 donated 4G devices when they sign up for a 1-year unlimited 4G data plan for $10 per month per device. Additionally, Mobile Beacon is offering schools in certain disaster recover states (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island) up to 26 donated devices to help them rebuild following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Teachers and school staff can choose any combination of 4G devices, including a Wi-Fi modem, USB modem, and mobile hotspot. Mobile Beacon offers assistance determining the best mix of devices based on the school's planned use.

Interested public schools, 501(c)(3) nonprofit schools, and libraries should visit and select the "Mobile Broadband" offering right from the home page and "Shop" areas. Schools can sign up and register their organization for free. They will then be able to request donations.