Configuring domain browsing in Mac OS 10.3

Question: Using my new Macintosh iBook, why can I not “see†the same server and shared folder resources on our school network as Windows users can?

The IT Guy says:
You may need to configure Macintosh OS 10.3 for the Windows domain or workgroup name used by the other computers on your school campus.

To do this, in your Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and double click the “Directory Access†application. Click the lock in the lower left corner to make changes, and enter the user-id and password of an administrator account for your computer. Click the checkbox beside “SMB†to enable this functionality, and while SMB is selected click the CONFIGURE button. If you are connected to your school network with an assigned IP address, you should be able to click the popup menu beside “Workgroup†and select your domain or workgroup name from a populated list. If you don’t see it, then you can type it in. You can also enter the IP address of your campus or district WINS server. Close the Directory Access program when finished and save the changes you made.

Entering the domain name and WINS server address as described above should allow you to have full and speedy access to browse Windows servers and other shared Windows directories on your network.

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