Conscious Discipline Announces Partnership with Maxlink Education Group

Conscious Discipline, a social emotional learning program, today announced a partnership with Beijing-based Maxlink Education Group. Conscious Discipline’s line of products and practices will be fully implemented in 10,000 preschool and kindergarten sites, primary and middle school classrooms and consulting centers in China by 2029.

Co-led by Yale faculty members Dr. Walter S. Gilliam and Dr. Tong Liu, The Yale-China Program on Child Development is an international program which promotes exchange and cooperation between China and the United States in early childhood education and child development.

Dr. Gilliam and Dr. Liu will oversee the localization of Conscious Discipline publishing, curriculum, E-Course, learning materials and the trainer qualification and practice in China. The first year of the partnership will focus on translation and localization. Translations of Conscious Discipline’s textbook Building Resilient Classrooms, Baby Doll Circle Time curriculum and E-Course are currently underway.

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