Converting Analog Audio Into Digital Format

Question: How can I get a cassette tape to play through on my computer?

The IT Guy says:
Cassette tape music, like a VHS video tape, is an analog rather than a digital media type. This means that in order to be imported into your computer so it can be played back, edited, and converted into different formats or inserted into a file, it must be digitized. This is the process of converting the analog signal into a digital signal. You can use a device specifically designed for audio digitizing, or use a video digitizer (which may be more readily available to you) but only import audio instead of both audio and video. Many different types of video digitizers are on the market. Dazzle converters by Pinnacle Systems are popular. If you want to opt for an audio-only solution, the mBox by DigiDesign is an excellent choice. A less expensive audio-only solution is the UA-1D USB Digital Audio Capture. To plug a cassette player into any of these devices, you will likely want to get a cable from Radio Shack or another electronics retailer which has an 1/8" stereo plug (like a headphone jack) on one end, and two RCA audio plugs at the other end (usually one red and one white.) With these hardware elements, you should be able to import your analog cassette tape audio into your computer and then manipulate it as desired.

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