Copying files from desktop to laptop

Question: How do I copy files from my Windows XP Desktop to my Microsoft Windows Professional laptop. I want to copy files for my ESL class. My laptop is not online.

The IT Guy says:
You have several options. If both your desktop computer and your laptop have USB ports, I recommend you purchase a relatively inexpensive USB thumbdrive (also called a keydrive) to transfer your files. When you insert the USB keydrive, it should mount on your desktop computer as a new drive letter. Copy files to it as you would to a floppy disk: I usually like to right click the folder containing files I want to copy, and choose COPY. Then navigate to the folder/directory on the keydrive where you want to copy the files, right click in the folder and choose PASTE. If your Windows XP desktop computer has a CD burner, you can burn a new CD (CD-R or CD+R, depending on the type of CD burner you have) and then put that CD in your laptop to move the files. If both the desktop and laptop computer have CD burners, a re-writable CD (CD-RW) may work, but it is generally better to use a less expensive CD-R disk. Although CD-R disks are “one time writable†CDs, they generally play in most computer CD drives. If you happen to have access to an external Zip drive, you could use that and a blank Zip disk to copy your files, but new Zip drives use USB connections—and in that case a USB keydrive/thumbdrive is probably your best bet.

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