Cost-Cutting Strategies

Just because our budgets are getting a little tighter, it does not mean we have to stop providing professional development. There are a variety of opportunities that you can take advantage of for your teachers.

  • Coach several key teachers to be mentors who will support their colleagues.
  • Create or find just-in-time tutorials that teachers can refer to when they need them.
  • Negotiate with outside consultants for materials and service for district discounts.
  • Offer after-school hands-on sessions, before school breakfast sessions, and lunch meetings by your mentors.
  • Become a beta-tester or co-venture with a vendor about a new program or service.
  • Coordinate workshops with another school or district to receive a volume discount.
  • Videotape all sessions or specific activities that would benefit other teachers to include as part of a lending library for teachers.
  • Encourage videoconferencing, instant messaging, or online programs with collaboration tools.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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