Creating a Customized Professional Development Program, Part 2

Creating a Customized Professional Development Program, Part 2

In Part 1, we completed a 21st Century Skills Professional Development Worksheet to clarify the goals of our program. In Part 2, we'll look at using an assessment to determine where skills training might be best applied.

For a training regimen to be truly useful in a modern setting, it must be flexible. And in order to take advantage of that flexibility, focus must be narrowed.

An assessment built on standards such as ISTE NETS-T, and covering more than just technical skills, helps define a clear path for each individual. It may also indicate institutional deficiencies, allowing for effective large-scale change in training policy.

For more insight on the use of assessments, read The Double-edged Sword of Competency Assessment at the Atomic Learning blog. It addresses some of challenges you may face when implementing rigorous assessments, such as the one offered by Atomic Learning.

Next week: Develop Skills. Find out how to work with what your assessments have shown about technology literacy in your classroom, school or district.

PD Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning