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FEATURES Facebook Faceoff It may be the most volatile question in education today—is there a place for social networking in schools? Check highlights from our ongoing online debate. Debunking the myths of open source in school Most open source stories can sound to good to be true, which (to confir
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SCHOOL CIO: Going for Distance
Despite essentially flat college enrollments, the number of postsecondary students taking online courses boomed 17 percent in 2008, to 4.7 million, and the growth shows no signs of abating. See how they do it so your students can be prepared today.
By Pam Derringer


3-D Comes to School
We’ve all heard of 3-D movies and the newly announced 3-D television technologies, but do these emerging technologies carry any learning potential for K–12 classrooms? This article breaks down the tech, and explores the reality of 3D projectors in schools.
By Len Scrogan

Projector News
T&L highlights the latest news in projectors and projector supplies for the classroom.

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Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive.
Bretford LAP20ULA-CT Intelligent Laptop Computer carts
ELMO CO-10 (i-Pochette)
Absolute Manage
FileMaker Pro
Pano Logic Zero Client Desktop
StrataLogica Nystrom

Shine a Light
Today’s projectors are getting smaller, cheaper, and smarter, thanks to rapidly evolving projection technology. T&L spoke to schools around the country about how they are using projectors to engage students.

May 2010 What’s New
Bento for iPad • Cognite • EasyTech Online Safety • Fraction Nation • LabSim A+ • Netop ProtectOn Pro Update • Remote-Learner with Adobe Connect • Toon Boom Animate 2 • Tree Ring • Web>clicker • HP EliteBook 2540p • SMART Response VE • Universal Mobile Power Lift Stand • and more


Editor’s Desk
Enough Gloom, More Boom

News & Trends
Next Big Thing: Digital Signage
Top 10 Sites for Back Channeling
Gaming and Education: Are We There Yet?
Is Cyberbullying Deadly?
Pop Quiz: Is Digital Information Protected by Privacy Law?
A 20-Second PowerPoint Makeover
Top 11 Free Tools for Schools
Sites We Like
Back Office Business

How It’s Done: Speaking Their Language
What do you do when 56 percent of your students are English-language learners, 80 percent come from low-income families, your students speak 14 different languages at home, and 215 new students arrive in the first three months of the school year? Bring in the tech.

They Said It: How to Make PD More User-Friendly
By Jennifer Wagner
Instead of teaching tools in our PD workshops—such as blogs, wikis, Prezi— we should put the emphasis on student learning and teaching objectives.



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APRIL 2009 Table of Contents

FEATURESFacebook Faceoff It may be the most volatile question in education today—is there a place for social networking in schools? Check highlights from our ongoing online debate. This version of the story appeared in the print issue of the magazine.

Recommendations on ESEA issued

Amidst discussion of the long overdue renewal of the nation’s federal education bill, the Center for American Progress Action Fund discussed a new report, “A Way Forward” outlining its recommendations for revising the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA. 

Classroom Web Sites: Forcing the Issue

Our school Web site is increasingly popular with the community, and parent representatives on the technology committee are now suggesting that all the teachers need to build and maintain linked classroom Web pages. Just a few teachers are enthusiastic about the idea. Should I force the issue? With all the pressures

MySpace Tackles Issues of Online Safety

Many of our secondary students have accounts. Increasing numbers of parents and teachers are apprehensive about students using this service. Is anyone taking steps to insure that this environment is safe for students? Parents, along with law enforcement and school officials throughout the nation,