Curriculum Associates' New Program Helps Students Meet Newly Revised State Standards

To help New York students meet the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards for both English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, Curriculum Associates has developed the Ready New York, Next Generation Learning Standards Edition. 

The Ready New York, NGLS Edition is based on Curriculum Associates’ Ready program, which is currently used by nearly 250 districts across New York State. 

Aligned to the Next Generation ELA Learning Standard, Ready New York, NGLS Edition for ELA  includes 31 new, engaging, and complex texts from a range of genres featuring diverse cultures and backgrounds. Each lesson encourages integration of reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills and teaches students how to use the academic vocabulary of the standard to facilitate discussion. 

The printed Teacher Resource Book provides point-of-use strategies, instructional routine support, and built-in differentiation for teaching, as well as extra supports for meeting the needs of English Learners. The online Teacher Toolbox additionally provides  research-based, standards-aligned resources to support on-level and differentiated instruction, as well as multimedia content and activities.

Ready New York, NGLS Edition for Mathematics provides complete coverage of the new Next Generation Learning Mathematics Standards. Lessons in the Student Instruction Book embed Standards for Mathematical Practice and provide students with instruction using the Think–Share–Compare routine. The Practice and Problem Solving Book also provides a Family Letter for every lesson to help parents or caregivers understand the content and participate in the lesson activity. 

The printed Teacher Resource Book for Mathematics includes resources for teaching each lesson, embedded language routines, suggestions for scaffolding language used in mathematics and an array of assessment tools to help monitor student progress. The online Teacher Toolbox provides access to detailed lesson plans and digital tutorials for students performing on, below, or above grade level. Teachers also have access to additional K–8 resources including mathematics lessons, Tools for Instruction, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, and presentation slides.