Curriculum Associates Updates i-Ready®

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(Image credit: Curriculum Associates, LLC)

Curriculum Associates is updating its i-Ready program.

The updates, which will be available for Back to School 2019 and which were recognized by the Tech & Learning ISTE 2019 Best of Show Awards, include a new student experience, new support for middle school students, a new Mathematics Diagnostic available in Spanish, new accessibility features, and more robust historical reporting. 

For grades K–8, there will be new instructional lessons and a new student dashboard with an age-appropriate design. New age-appropriate introductions will play before the Diagnostic to encourage every student to do their best. 

i-Ready will release approximately 100 new lessons designed to engage middle school students in their learning. These include 60 new reading comprehension lessons for Grades 6–8 featuring culturally-responsive passages, as well as nearly 40 new online mathematics lessons for Grades 6–7 that cover algebra and algebraic thinking and numbers and operations. 

With the lessons, students will engage more directly with learning concepts, see substantially less talking from i-Ready characters, and receive responsive instruction that adjusts the pacing of a lesson to meet the learning needs of each student. 

For educators, i-Ready will include new guidance, tools, and resources built for the  challenges of the middle school classroom. This includes ideas for class-wide and school-wide activities, guides for holding data chats with middle school students, and recommendations on using Teacher-Assigned lessons in middle school to address on-grade level content. 

A Spanish-language version of the i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics will also be available. 

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