Cyber Challenge partners with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft

The U.S. Cyber Challenge (USCC) announced partnerships with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft, designating the organizations as key sponsors for 2011. The sponsorships will support the activities of USCC, a national public-private partnership focused on identifying and developing cybersecurity talent to meet the country’s critical cybersecurity workforce needs.

USCC conducts online competitions and on-site camps that enable individuals to develop their skills, gain access to advanced training, and achieve recognition with scholarships, internships and jobs. The goal of USCC is to find 10,000 talented Americans to fill the ranks of cybersecurity professionals where their skills can be of the greatest value to the nation.

The partnerships with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft provide support for USCC programs, which will include national and regional contests for high school and college students. In addition to financial sponsorship, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft are serving as charter members of the USCC Executive Advisors Group. The group comprises both public and private sector stakeholders, including the Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, to provide strategic input for the development and execution of USCC competitions and activities in 2011.

“We are pleased to partner with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft. Their willingness to get involved and take a leading role through the Executive Advisors Group exemplifies their commitment to cyber security innovation, education and public service,“ said Karen Evans, USCC National Director. “Strong public-private partnerships such as this are vital if we are to successfully address our nation’s cyber security workforce challenges. We look forward to working with Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and the Federal CIO Council in support of that goal.”

"Our country is working hard to develop a technical workforce that will keep us competitive on a global scale,” said Charles Croom, Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions. “Protecting our competitive advantage and digital infrastructure requires the expertise of trained cyber security professionals. We realize that Lockheed Martin’s leadership in cyber security and STEM efforts can only succeed through partnership with organizations such as the U.S. Cyber Challenge,” he said.

“As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, it is essential to have a highly trained cyber security workforce that can quickly and effectively address threats to our nation’s critical IT infrastructure. The U.S. Cyber Challenge is using an innovative and effective approach to identify and develop cyber security professionals and Microsoft is excited about the opportunity to be a part of this impressive undertaking,” said Kris Teutsch, General Manager of Microsoft Federal’s National Security Group. “We are honored to be recognized as a strategic thought leader in the cyber security space and look forward to serving as a charter member of the USCC Executive Advisors Group, working alongside public and private sector partners including Lockheed Martin, whose leadership in the cyber security industry is paramount.”