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Cylinders and Scale

Using a film canister and paper products, explore the relationship of increasing length, area and volume of cylinders. Students need to see the patterns of scaled growth in different shapes before they can understand the universality of scaling patterns.

Make Your Own Temperature Scale

This experiment from Teach Engineering is a hands-on activity that allows students to make their own temperature scale before using that scale to measure temperatures in different places.

From Microscopes to Large-Scale Sculpture

From Microscopes to Large-Scale Sculpture National Public Radio makes the connection between art and science by exploring the work of sculptor Kendall Buster. Site visitors can open an audio file to hear an interview with microbiologist-turned-artist Kendall Buster. Buster uses the images she sees

The Major Scale

The online lessons begin with an explanation of the music staff, clefs, and ledger lines so students get a solid foundation.