DAILY INSIGHT: Thank a School Tech Today

DAILY INSIGHT: Thank a School Tech Today

By Nancy Caramanico, CIO Advisor

As the end of the school year arrives, many excitedly look forward to some rest and relaxation. It is also a time of reflection, retrospection and gratitude. It is important to thank administrators, teachers, students and parents. It is a time too to think also of our school technology support experts. Since what they can be behind the scenes, we may not be aware of all that goes into the job especially if the technology is always working seamlessly behind the scenes. Leadership for educational technology means support for our tech experts too.

Tech Support Ratios

In a recent study conducted by Robert Half, respondents were asked to discuss tech support ratios.

  • CIOs were asked, "What is the ratio of internal end-users to technical support employees at your company?" The mean response was 112:1
  • CIOs also were asked, "What would be the ideal ratio of internal end-users to technical support employees at your company?" The mean response was 65:1

Most schools operate on a much higher tech support ratio. Ratios might be as high as 300:1, 500:1, 700:1 or higher! In addition, school tech support staff are often given additional duties such as webpage updating, school yearbook and even teaching classes. Some coordinate student tech task forces, assist with digital media projects, deliver professional development and more. The list goes on. School Techs need to keep up on the latest emerging technologies so that they can research and incorporate these technologies into their schools. They need to work on budgets, strategic plans and more all while keeping the technology up and running.

Thank a School Tech Today

Given this, it is a good time for expressing gratitude. For every time they

  1. Fix a printer
  2. Manage the filter
  3. Fix the email
  4. Troubleshoot an Internet slowdown
  5. Teach new skills
  6. Deliver professional development
  7. Rescue data from a failed hard drive
  8. Find files thought to be lost
  9. Image a set of netbooks in rapid succession
  10. Setup a smartboard, digital pen or the latest gadget
  11. Set up a school assembly presentation
  12. Price out a new solution
  13. Help a student with a tech need
  14. Learn a new software so that they can show others
  15. Smile and say 'Yes' to a new task to help our schools, administrators, teachers and students

These are just a few of the tasks at hand. What else can be added? At a time when we look back on the school year and reflect, remember to thank a school tech today.

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