Decatur County Schools Adopt Tablet App Control

Federalgraphics, a business solutions company, is partnering with the Decatur County School System to provide 1,200 TabPilot computer tablets for its students.

The tablets feature TabPilot, a cloud-based management system that puts teachers in control of entire sets of classroom tablets. Teachers can choose from thousands of apps available on the Android platform and their students see only those apps configured by their teachers.

“One of the unique features of the TabPilot allows teachers to push apps to all of the tablets at one time,” said Ron Sparkman, president of Federalgraphics. “Until now, the use of tablets in classrooms often created problems; students were distracted by other apps or games, were able to change system settings, access the camera, and even access other apps during testing. The TabPilot enables teachers to ‘lock down’ tablet access.”

Because the TabPilot is a cloud-based app, the Decatur County School System’s network will never be slowed down because of material being pushed out to students.

“We are excited to provide our students and teachers with the latest technology to be used in the instructional classroom,” said Dr. April Aldridge, assistant superintendent, Decatur County Schools.

The Decatur County School system includes eight schools in Southwest Georgia.

“This mobile technology, which can be moved from classroom to classroom, allows our students to stay on track with the right material and no distractions. The Decatur County Board of Education is pleased to make this initial investment in tablet technology for our students and teachers,” said Dr. Fred Rayfield, superintendent, Decatur County Schools.