Delaware Charter School Selects Classroom Observation Software

Positive Outcomes Charter School has chosen observe4success as its classroom observation and walkthrough software.

At Positive Outcomes Charter School, flexibility is paramount. Founded in 1996, Positive Outcomes welcomes students from all over Delaware, focusing on kids who have experienced difficulty in traditional school settings,. The school's unique approach to education stems from the idea that all students have the ability to learn, but they may learn differently, which means approaching instructional techniques with a focus on one student at a time. To do so, Positive Outcomes takes additional measures to support educators in each of their classrooms.

"We set very high standards when our administration made the decision to evaluate various teacher observation tools," said Positive Outcomes Principal Steve Norman."Since implementing observe4success, we have seen their team add even more system features to help meet our specific and often unique needs and could not be more thrilled with how accommodating they have been. We feel we have found a great partner in observe4success.”

observe4success allows schools and districts to create and implement custom rubrics for quick walkthroughs as well as longer observations. The data that is collected is automatically stored, sorted, and analyzed to identify teaching trends, which can be used to inform conversations and collaborative work towards consistent improvement.

“Our hope is that by customizing and making adjustments to the observation process as a whole, the data collected over time will enable us to drive instruction, encourage positive growth in our staff, and most importantly increase student achievement” comments Positive Outcomes School Director, Ed Emmett.