Dell provides schools with predictive analystics-based decision support

Schools and universities are turning to Dell’s Education Data Management (EDM) solution, a decision support system, to help personalize student learning, increase retention and graduation rates while improving planning, management and reporting. The solution integrates student performance and operational data with predictive analytics to help educators monitor student progress and intervene when needed to improve success. It tracks each student’s data between schools and over multiple years to help parents and educators monitor student progress and respond to developmental needs or hone in on specific interests and aptitudes.

Dell’s robust data management solutions are delivering results today in school districts, universities, community colleges and technical schools:

  • Denton Independent School District, Dell and its partner, Education Data Collaborative, are implementing a real-time data warehouse to aggregate all student performance data together from multiple disparate systems. Teachers and administrators can use it to improve instruction in the classroom targeted for each individual student leading to early warning and intervention opportunities designed to help students. “We have realigned our benchmark assessments, and our teachers and principals are seeing what real-time data can do to prepare our students,” says Jamie Wilson, Superintendent, Denton Independent School District.
  • In the El Paso region the Education Data Collaborative partnered with Dell to demonstrate that through preventive intervention, a potential savings of several million dollars could be gained from the efficiencies of implementing education data management in the 15 El Paso region middle schools. The project leveraged predictive analytics with performance data to reveal college and career readiness as early as the fifth grade, based on El Paso Community College metrics.
  • Laramie County School District #1 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is using data to track student progress and allocate resources to enhance the learning process. The district used Dell EDM to integrate multiple databases and run analytics for streamlined information access. “We leveraged the foundation Dell provided us to build an interactive school support model that is being used to improve student and school performance,” says Gordon Knopp, Chief Information Officer, Laramie County School District #1.
  • One school district has also used technology to identify specific student performance weaknesses, addressing issues six times faster than before. The result: high school graduation rates are now 100 percent (up from 82). A striking 16 percent more graduates attend college, and the district’s performance ratings have improved dramatically.

Dell’s Education Data Management solution centers on providing a complete environment and platform with student, teacher and administrator dashboard functionality for real-time, actionable data and the use of predictive analytics. The solution enables the use of key data to inform and provide insight into trends creating a comprehensive decision support system. It includes all of the technology and services necessary for success, from storage that simplifies data management across the district to the online portals, platforms and change management, professional development and data coaching that helps educators and administrators make the most of the data to improve student outcomes. The solution also supports district-wide operational planning and performance for human resources, finance and facilities. It includes master data management, data governance, data warehousing and/or in-memory computing, education intelligence tools and an online portal specifically created for students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Also, today Microsoft recognizes Dell as Global Education Partner of the Year for the company’s dedication to education and commitment to building solutions that serve the education community. Dell was recognized among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Awards were presented in multiple categories, with winners chosen from a set of nearly 3,000 entrants worldwide.