Designing Effective Case Studies

A case study may be a realistic scenario at a school that may highlight a specific problem relevant to the participating teachers. Teachers can use a case study to resolve the problem using pedagogy, theory, and practical solutions.

A good case study:

  • Covers one area of theory.
  • Focuses on a specific problem identified by the school or district.
  • Can be in written form, video format, and/or a Website.
  • Includes questions about the problem.
  • Provides detailed analysis and discussion.

Designing the case study:

  1. Go over the timeline for the case study.
  2. Read the problem and case study material.
  3. Allow time for teachers to read the questions individually and note their answers before group discussions.
  4. Set up groups for teachers to analyze the case.
  5. Appoint a facilitator for each group to encourage everyone to participate and share their answers to the questions.
  6. Ask each group to report out the answers to each question, especially if they have different answers from other groups and any additional issues that were brought up during the group discussions.
  7. Summarize the whole group discussions highlighting key issues that were brought up. Try to match theory, pedagogy, and practice.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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