Device controls, annotates projected data remotely

With an enthusiastic response from 25 school districts during initial introduction, the Engage WirelessLCD from uWriteTouch™ is now being distributed nationwide.

The Engage WirelessLCD syncs wirelessly with a computer and replicates its desktop, including video, and allows complete touch-screen annotation over projected material. With a computer attached to a projector and the lightweight Engage WirelessLCD in hand, the user controls all PC or Mac applications.

According to uWriteTouch President, J.R. Gayman, "We are very pleased to bring this exciting new instructional device to classrooms. Schools as well as business training programs will enjoy a dramatic boost to presentations while saving money and the environment."

At a fraction of the cost of interactive whiteboards and with the option to use any new or existing software, the Engage WirelessLCD offers a lower investment than alternative technologies. It also saves on the environment by eliminating the need for markers, erasers, and related supplies. Since the user controls all computer functions, printing of images is at the user's command.

With a 10.1" widescreen LCD display and built-in USB technology, users can annotate and highlight the projected data from up to 30 feet from the computer. Weighing less than two-and-a-half pounds, the Engage WirelessLCD offers touch-screen control using a finger or a stylus. There are also six user-assignable buttons, or "hot keys," along the top of the device that enable the user to instantly launch a favorite Web site or any software desired.