Digital learning platform supports 1-to-1

As part of the district’s ongoing commitment to leverage instructional technology to improve students’ academic performance, Wayland Public Schools of Massachusetts has adopted an individualized learning platform, it’s learning. The integration marks the second phase of the district’s technology plan, which comes on the heels of the district’s 1-to-1 teacher laptop initiative.

Wayland Public Schools’ technology department is using it’s learning to provide teachers and students with tools that encourage and enhance communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. According to Leisha Simon, Director of Technology and Accountability at Wayland Public Schools, teachers throughout the district felt that the platform would allow students to meet these skill sets while connecting them with the curriculum in innovative ways.

“As well as the intrinsic value for students, it’s learning will also be used to aid in the education of teachers as they partake in district-wide professional development courses on 21st century technology,” said Simon.

This year, both middle and high school teachers in Wayland will take part in professional development courses on technology integration. The district’s blended professional development consists of both face-to-face instruction and online learning delivered through the it’s learning platform. Using the platform, teachers will access the course content and study it remotely as a supplement to the in-person instruction.

“We are excited about our district’s professional development model and its delivery via the it’s learning platform. Wayland’s partnership with it’s learning, inc. shows the commitment of our teachers and administration to high-quality professional development that meets the needs of 21st century teaching and learning,” said Brad Crozier, Assistant Superintendent of Wayland Public Schools.

The platform supports different learning styles by allowing students and teachers to create and deliver text, images, sound and video for lessons, collaborative projects, assignments, online discussions, tests or presentations. Also included in the portfolio of offerings is ePortfolios, which allows students to save digital files of their work to show to parents and other interested parties.