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Digital marketplace for education debuts announces the launch of its online marketplace to help teachers find, buy and use the best digital teaching resources available.
Publish date: announces the launch of its online marketplace to help teachers find, buy and use the best digital teaching resources available. The Marketplace ( gives teachers a single online point to find, organize, assign, and track students’ progress with effective digital content that is safe and aligned to their state standards. Teachers can also organize and use the digital resources they already have access to, as well as resources from a growing list of educational publishers, all in the marketplace.

The marketplace provides teachers with free accounts to:

- find resources by keyword and by state or national standard in a quick and easy interface
- engage with a community for educators to learn and share best practices
- access hundreds of thousands of free and fee-based digital resources provided by a growing number of digital publishers



Online education marketplace launched

Examville, the global online education platform, today announced the launch of the company’s new online education marketplace, which creates open, virtual classrooms with access to educational content and resources

Skype in the classroom debuts

School teachers and students everywhere now have a way to find each other for collaborative projects and shared learning through a new online platform provided by Skype.

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November 2011, What’s New

19Pencils has launched an online resource to help K–8 teachers guide their students in finding specific Web content aligned to the curriculum.

Oregon goes digital with science

 Across the country, teaching science from textbooks alone is going the way of the dinosaur. Most educators believe that in order to hold the attention of 21st century learners and to prepare them for the technology of tomorrow, digital resources must become primary teaching tools.

Career Education in the Digital Age

from Technology & Learning What vocational education has to teach mainstream programs about 21st century learning. Traditionally, the industrial arts wing of a typical American high school contrasted sharply with the rest of the school. Instead of silent hallways with classrooms of students sitting