District integrates academic, behavior data

Located in southwestern Oklahoma’s Caddo County, Anadarko School District 120 manages five K-12 schools. With assessment data from nearly 2,000 students to analyze, Anadarko was looking for a platform to integrate this data while also providing an aligned test bank for further assessments. The district selected Pearson's PowerSchool - Studio Edition to help teachers connect the dots between student learning and measurable student performance. Anadarko also purchased Pearson’s Prevent™ application that identifies students at risk of dropping out of school.

“We had also been searching for a system that could incorporate both academic and behavior data into the district’s Pyramid of Intervention framework,” said Cindy Hackney, Anadarko assistant superintendent. “With PowerSchool - Studio Edition we found were able to meet all of our district data and assessment needs with one platform that ties directly into our PowerSchool student information system.”

Released in 2009 as “Project Tapestry,” PowerSchool - Studio Edition’s web-based connected learning environment will offer Anadarko a platform for integrating digital content and assessments with analytics, web tools, and PowerSchool in real time through a web browser. With Prevent, administrators and teachers can analyze student data, such as grade point average, attendance, behavior records and test scores to identify those students at risk of dropping out of school, allowing counselors to respond to students' needs.

“This platform will also store state testing data, along with other math and reading software data that will enable us to run real-time comparison reports to assess individual student progress,” Hackney said. “It will allow us to follow each student’s progress throughout the year and adjust instruction to that student’s needs in a much more efficient and timely manner.”

Anadarko plans to begin implementing PowerSchool - Studio Edition in September, focusing on assessments and analytics. The district will implement Prevent and will add online course management and collaboration and communication tools as soon as possible.