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Do Your Students Support Your Tech Initiatives?

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Do your students play any part in supporting your technology initiatives?

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Documenting Administrative Support of Technology Initiatives

We recently completed a grant proposal that required verification of how administrative staff has supported local technology initiatives. I’ve not seen this requirement before and we scrambled a bit to find specific documentation. Is this a common request? The importance of administrative support in

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Your Personal Support Network

What is a Personal Support Network (PSN) and why is it important? We often hear people refer to their PLN &ndash their Personal Learning Network. Less frequently mentioned, but at least of equal importance, one&rsquo s PSN is crucial for

Let Your Mentors Do the Coaching

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a sustainable professional development program that will successfully impact student learning. You have the people and the means in your own organization to make it happen. The challenge for you in creating a coaching and mentoring program will be determining the