Documenting Administrative Support of Technology Initiatives

We recently completed a grant proposal that required verification of how administrative staff has supported local technology initiatives. I’ve not seen this requirement before and we scrambled a bit to find specific documentation. Is this a common request?

The importance of administrative support in successful technology programs is well established in several studies. As a result, increasing numbers of technology related requests for proposals ask for specifics about how administrators will support the proposed project and how they have backed previous initiatives. One effective method for documenting this is through your own annual professional growth plan. If your district does not require a specific technology goal for administrators, incorporate your support of appropriate use of technology within existing goal areas. Next time you need this information, it will be easy to access and report!

An added bonus is that inclusion of this type of goal demonstrates to staff and students that you recognize the importance role technology can play in education and are taking steps to increase your own skills and knowledge in this area.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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