Does Your Computer Have You on a Leash?

I want to model technology use in staff meetings, but those times I've used a PowerPoint presentation, I feel tethered to the computer. How do others handle this presentation challenge?

The solution for your problem is a relatively new gadget that's a wireless mouse and laser pointer. Several manufacturers now have reasonably priced devices (ranging from $50-$100) available online and in stores. An Internet search using the keywords "wireless mouse" and "laser pointer" yields several thousand listings. A basic model will allow you to be 40-50 feet away from the computer, move back and forth through slides, and direct attention to a specific element on a slide using the laser pointer. More sophisticated devices offer additional capabilities. Not all wireless mice are designed for users to move around a room, so be sure to check the wireless range on the device you decide to purchase.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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