Dublin City Schools starts employee safety program

The Dublin City Schools (DCS) have decided to implement EmployeeSafe Suite from PublicSchoolWORKS (PSW) to help employees complete required safety training during times that were convenient for them, and in a manner that saves the schools time and resources.

DCS introduced the PSW system in August 2008 by offering online training before the school year, in order to get staff buy-in for the program. Educators adjusted quickly to the system and the appreciated the opportunity to undergo training online rather than in-person. Since teachers could train at times convenient for their schedules, a larger portion of employees completed training before the school’s deadline.

The district also needed to address House Bill 276, so the timing of the program implementation was important. Using the EmployeeSafe Suite allowed the district to meet the Bill’s requirement to train all employees on child abuse prevention. By implementing this training online, the district cut costs significantly. The EmployeeSafe program also allowed the district to account for the training time, which is required by law to last four hours.

The program also allows administrators to stay on top of workman’s compensation claims, since they can track claims appropriately and sort them based on severity. Through the EmployeeSafe Suite, administrators can work remotely, updating files and searching from any location with internet access. The program includes features to ensure all employees understand the training and safety protocols, and it electronically records and reports who does or doesn’t complete training, ensuring the district meets its goals.