BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Durango School District 9-R Selects itslearning LMS

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itslearning, announced today that Durango School District R-9 has selected the itslearning teaching and learning platform to deliver personalized, competency-based learning districtwide.

The district began its search for an LMS in 2017, intending to find a partner that would not only support the district’s commitment to students' owning their learning, but would also track and report on student progress and achievement.

During 2018, the district focused on making personalized learning paths accessible by putting its standards, performance indicators, scoring rubrics, and curriculum resources in one central location, the itslearning platform.

“Now our teachers will be able to easily create and centrally house individual learning plans through a variety of optional curriculum-aligned learning resources that will ultimately better facilitate the academic success of our students,” said Leanne Garcia, Durango’s director of curriculum and assessment.