Editor’s Note: Best Guesses

Editor’s Note: Best Guesses

In what has become an annual Tech&Learning tradition, the editors asked our esteemed team of advisors to bring out the crystal ball and try to divine what’s next in edtech. And, as usual, they did not disappoint. This issue is chock full of great analysis and insight but here are three favorites right up front:

“A device ratio of one device per student is no longer enough… 1:1 initiatives have generally focused on being able to digitize instructional materials and resources. X:1 programs will extend this goal by allowing the students (and teachers) more flexibility in determining which device or devices are the most effective for any given task.”
—Steve M. Baule

“We already live and work in a networked society. We draw on videos, blogs, tweets, paper, digital print, and other media to support our interests, needs, and goals. MOOCs can provide a way for educators to begin to re-shape and re-think their curriculum and their instructional strategies.”
— Richard E. Ferdig

“I see no truth to the rumor that next year will be the start of the ‘cool phone-watch thingy wars’ between Samsung and Apple.”
—Carl Hooker

That’s a bold statement, Carl! One new feature this year: We also asked contributors to go back and handicap their predictions from last year. I think this exercise in self-reflection offers some terrific big picture perspective to the ever-changing challenges of implementing technology in schools.

Be sure to join us online for what I can only assume will be a lively discussion about these topics at techlearning.com. Happy New Year!

— Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director