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Editor’s Note: Numbers Up

Have all the election numbers regarding budgets, tax rates, and voter percentiles got you confused and frustrated?
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Have all the election numbers regarding budgets, tax rates, and voter percentiles got you confused and frustrated? These next statistics won’t make you any happier. The Organization for Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) last month released its annual report with some distressing findings about education in this country: The U.S. ranks 14th in higher education attainment, 26th in early childhood education, and is the 6th worst in terms of high school graduation, with almost a quarter of students dropping out of high school. Another recent survey sponsored by Dell shows the U.S. lagging behind China and Germany when it comes to the use of tech in schools. 71 percent of U.S. educators who responded to the survey say their students have access to more advanced technology at home than they do at school.

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It’s not all bad news, fortunately. Contributor Sascha Zuger digs deeper into some other numbers in this month’s cover story (The State of STEM) to find some strategies for schools to improve these results, specifically when we talk about science, technology, engineering, and math. Our two other features this month, written by our stalwart contributing editor Ellen Ullman, offer great ideas for improving both professional development opportunities (Mix It Up) and blended learning techniques (The Perfect Blend). Be sure to go online and check out the chatter that these stories will have already created at techlearning.com. I expect there will be more than a few other readers sharing their own best practices regarding these topics. And I hope you will share some of your own.

— Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director



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Editor’s Note: Big Ideas

One of the more satisfying aspects of this job is theopportunity to meet regularly with some of America’smost innovative educators and to pick their brains.

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Editor’s Note: Focus on the Function

The great Los Angeles iPad debacle continues this fall,with contract suspensions, admin investigations, andcalls for resignations (oh my!) If you haven’t beenfollowing the story, I’ll point you to latimes.com forall the ugly details, but let’s just say the whole affaircontinues to stink, especially for the students.

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Editor’s Note: Best Guesses

In what has become an annual Tech&Learning tradition, theeditors asked our esteemed team of advisors to bring outthe crystal ball and try to divine what’s next in edtech.

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Editor’s Note: E-Rate the Right Way

I think we can all agree with FCC Commissioner JessicaRosenworcel when she spoke last month at SXSWedu: “Witha reformed E-Rate—or E-Rate 2.0—we can extend the reachof broadband in our schools.