Editors' Report from MacWorld

Everywhere a visitor looked on the exhibit floor at MacWorld there were toys and games. Especially alive and well was the videogames section where users could sit down at any of numerous stations to demos of The Sims 2, LEGO Star Wars, Zoo Tycoon, Sid Meier's Civilization III, and even Spongebob Squarepants, the Movie. Standing out a bit from the crowd with more serious content was Tabula Digita's Dimenxian, their pre-algebra offering targeting middle schools. The company has been actively inviting educators to demo the game and they report lots of enthusiasm from educators. Look for final product to ship in 2007. Even more visible than the games however, was the iPod and all the gizmos, gadgets and attachments to go along with it. In fact, wandering the aisles, it looked like a whole new iPod culture was sprouting. Items on display included, special iPod purses, vehicles with built in iPods, mutlimedia docking stations for the iPod, cordless headsets that let users wear iPods on their heads, and even a new line of Levi Strauss jeans with special pockets to allow users to access the iPod's click wheel. Also on display were Beat Generation bags with built-in speakers for iPods carried inside. For 2006, it's all about fun, games and music, folks.

— Susan McLester