Edtech in Action: School News Video Production

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Initiative: Antwerp Local Schools “Archers Live”

Location: Antwerp Local Schools, Antwerp, Ohio

Like many progressive schools, we have several initiates in the works as a means of advancing educational opportunities for our students. One initiative that has achieved recognition at the local, state, and national level is our Journalism and Broadcasting program.  

The main feature of our program is the production of daily news and information video segment that is shared with our students and staff and also shared to the world through the ALSTV Archers Live YouTube

Student members of the Journalism & Broadcasting class take great pride in producing a high-quality program each and every day. The instructor for the class also takes great pride in the final product.  The instructor realizes the importance that a STEM culture (featuring the 4Cs: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration) has played in the development and skill set growth of her student members. These skill sets are coupled with an administration and school board willing to provide the financial support needed to purchase high quality, state of the art equipment.  

The most recent video segment that has caught the eye of nearly 40,000 viewers is a segment the class produced this past month for the HGTV Home Town Takeover national competition. Class members and community members worked together to produce the video segment illustrating the plight of our small town and the hope that HGTV will select our town for a “Takeover-Makeover.” The video is viewable on our school website.  Through this video segment, viewers can see firsthand the skills students have developed and put to use for a real-world purpose. Likewise, viewers can see how our staff has found an amazing tool to foster creativity, critical thinking, communication & collaboration in our student body.  

Marty Miller is superintendent of Antwerp Local Schools in Ohio.

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