Educational Technology System For Early Learners

Hatch® unveiled today iStartSmart Mobile™, a new version of its iStartSmart™ learning system now delivered on a portable tablet, which provides children with a content-rich and engaging environment to master critical skills for kindergarten readiness and provides teachers with a web-based and password-protected reporting of children’s progress.

The new iStartSmart Mobile system offers more than 500 activities that guide children toward mastering eighteen skills that research has shown to be essential to children’s math, literacy, and language development. The system analyzes student responses and then provides follow-on activities within children’s zone of proximal development. iStartSmart Mobile also uses a proprietary report management system to provide teachers with the real-time data they need to inform their daily instruction.

The iStartSmart Mobile offers all of the features of its all-in-one computer counterpart, iStartSmart, but with the added mobility and ease of use of a tablet device and cloud-based computing that enables teachers and administrators to access Hatch’s proprietary report management system via internet connection, for viewing anytime and anywhere.

In honor of its latest innovation, Hatch introduced a new awards program, the “Hatch Educator Innovator Award,” to recognize education programs for their excellence in the integration of instructional technology to support student growth and achievement.

Hatch presented its first “Hatch Educator Innovator Award” and its first iStartSmart Mobile system to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Pre-K Exceptional Student Education, a program dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to early learning classrooms.Sheila Miguel, Assistive Technology Specialist, accepted the award on behalf of the program.

iStartSmart Mobile Features include:

  • Photo login for independent child login
  • Child-directed play for increased student engagement
  • Children develop 18 research-based, foundational literacy and math skills required for school readiness
  • Research-based and designed in best practice (real photos, speech/language pathologist)
  • Adapts skill difficulty using scaffolded levels to match child's current ability
  • Performance data snapshots captured every 90 days to illustrate progress over time
  • Report management system shows individual progress for up to 120 students
  • Administrators and teachers can view objective individual progress monitoring and reporting data for each child available anytime and anywhere via cloud-based computing
  • The functionality of an Android tablet through password-protected access