Educator Edtech Review: AT&T amiGo Jr. Tab

The AT&T amiGO Jr. Tab
(Image credit: AT&T)

The AT&T amiGO Jr. Tab is designed specifically for younger children. The ruggedized tablet has features to meet a variety of educational needs, while offering teachers extensive control over students' usage. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, the amiGO Jr. Tab provides a balanced and safe digital experience for young users.

AT&T amiGo Jr. Tab: Getting Started

Setting up the amiGO Jr. Tab was very straightforward. I found the process helped me provide an easy-to-manage secure environment for students.

Once I had the tablet unboxed and fully charged, I powered it on and followed the onscreen instructions for setup. Since this is an Android-based tablet, connecting it to a Google account is an option.

For the review, I was provided an Android device to manage the tablet with the amiGO App, which can be installed on any Android or iOS phone or tablet. Once I had it installed, I followed the instructions to link it with the amiGO Jr. Tab.

After I had it linked, I used the amiGO app to set up the controls, including safe browsing parameters, contact approvals, and playtime limits. The curated pre-loaded content includes educational and entertaining apps.

AT&T amiGo Jr. Tab: Best Features

The amiGO Jr. Tab stands has several features designed for young children and classroom use in mind:

  • The device is designed for safety and durability. It is clad with a resilient bumper that wraps the device and includes a holder at the top corner to make it easy for young hands to use.
  • The free Google Kids Space access has "teacher approved" apps, games, and videos.
  • The pre-installed amiGO app allows control of almost all aspects the students experience, including safe browsing parameters and time limits.
  • The pre-loaded suite of apps is curated by teachers and content experts.

AT&T amiGo Jr. Tab: Pricing and Basic Specs

The amiGO Jr. Tab is priced at $165.99. It is wifi-enabled but can also be connected to the AT&T cellular network.

It features:

  • High-definition 8-inch touchscreen
  • 5MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing
  • Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22A
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4,080mAh battery

AT&T amiGo Jr. Tab: Key Takeaways

The amiGo Jr. Tab is safety- and education-focused with content curated by experts. This tablet gives teachers and young students a great balance of learning and entertaining activities. The controls built into the amiGO Jr. offers teachers access to most of the features of the device, reassuring them that their students are working in a safe and monitored digital environment.

The amiGo Jr. Tab has been designed for both safety and collaboration. AT&T specifically partnered with the American Association of Pediatrics to ensure the tablet was designed with the latest child safety guidelines, such as a special Eye Care mode for filtering out harmful blue light.

Overall, the amiGO Jr. Tab by AT&T is a thoughtfully designed tablet that combines safety, education, and entertainment, making it a valuable addition to any elementary educator's classroom.


Frank Pileiro is the former Supervisor of Technology & Data for the Linwood Public Schools in Linwood, NJ.  He speaks at the local, state, and national levels about empathy, educational innovation, and instructional technology.