Educator who Quit Over iPad Initiative has Change of Heart After Online Training

Vacaville Christian Schools in Vacaville, CA recently embarked on a district-wide iPad initiative. While most of the educators grasped the transition to the tablets in their instruction, one teacher in particular struggled.

“She was one of the best math teachers on the planet,” Middle School Principal Maylene Ripley said, “But she said she couldn’t do it and she resigned.”

Although the Middle School would miss the talented math teacher, Ripley didn’t want to force the transition on her. Over the few months after her resignation, her colleagues kept in touch with her and encouraged her that the training and support they were getting through the school’s Atomic Learning subscription would help her through. She decided to return to the school and used the school’s online training solution to become proficient enough in using the tablet that she now teaches other educators how to use their mobile device effectively in their classrooms.

Ripley believed that providing a solid support system to the teachers as they transitioned was essential to a successful mobile implementation. “They needed to know we were there for them when they struggled,” she said.

Ripley also credits their online training partner, Atomic Learning. “One of the best things we did was partner with Atomic Learning,” Ripley stated. “With the on-demand, anytime, anywhere training, our staff could train when they wanted to, on what they needed.”

Ripley is thrilled with how the story of her staff ends. “She (teacher who resigned) could barely turn the iPad on and now she’s training others with it,” Ripley said.