Enlarging Text for Presentations or for Visually Impaired Students (Macintosh)

Question: How can I quickly enlarge the size of text in different Mac programs when I am giving a presentation, so audience members can read the text, or in the classroom for visually impaired students?

The IT Guy says:
Macintosh OS X (10.3 Panther) has a variety of text zoom features built-in that can both meet the needs of visually impaired users, as well as assist audience members during presentations. To view available options, from the Apple menu choose System Preferences, then Universal Access. Be sure to click the “Seeing†tab at the top.

Note that hot key combinations can be used to turn on text zoom, as well as zoom in and out on the area of the screen where the mouse cursor is located. Hold down the command (apple) key with option and press the number 8 at the top of the screen to turn on text zoom. After turning on text zoom, zoom in by holding down the same two initial keys (command and option) and pressing the + key (located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, next to the delete key.) Press the + key repeatedly to zoom in progressively closer. Hold down the same two keys and press the — key to zoom out, or turn off text zoom by again pressing the 8 key with command and option held down.

When showing others a Web page or other computer program, these text zoom features can be extremely handy.

Note to Windows users: see the previous IT Guy for the Windows solution.

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