ePrinting Solutions

Question: What advice do you have for helping us limit the amount of printing students and teachers do, especially in our labs?

The IT Guy says:
A variety of commercial and open source options are available to limit printing and enforce quotas:
Pcounter” runs in Windows or Novell environments and supports print management, auditing and accounting. Users can be assigned an individual print quota.
PaperCut” offers two versions, their less expensive PaperCut Quota and their enterprise level PaperCut NG product. Both come with educational pricing, and both run in Windows environments.
In a Macintosh environment, “Mac OS X Server” includes the ability to set print quotas for users and entire user groups.
On the open source side, if you have a LINUX server, “http://sourceforge.net/projects/prqd” can be used with LPR printing setups to limit how many printouts a user is permitted to send to a queue.

Assistant Print-cipal” can be set up to require queue reviewing before documents are printed, and stores an archival record of printed documents for later review.

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