Error 02b2 at startup

Question: Why do I get error02b2 when I turn on my computer?

The IT Guy says:
Error 02b2 is a message usually indicating that your floppy disk drive is improperly configured or identified by your system. To remedy this problem, you need to run your setup program and look at the identified floppy disk drive, and change it to match the floppy drive you actually have. The way you do this will vary depending on the operating system you have installed.

If you are using Windows XP, one option for this or other devices which are not loaded / recognized properly at startup is usually to remove those hardware devices within the device manager application, and then restart. After rebooting Windows XP will generally recognize the device which is not properly installed and provide an option wizard to select or download the appropriate driver. In Windows XP you can access the device manager by right clicking My Computer on the desktop and choosing “Properties.†Then click the “Hardware†tab. In the middle of the Window, click the “Device Manager†button. Select the hardware item you want and from the “Action†menu select the desired choice. In this case, you would want to click the plus sign beside “Floppy Disk Drives†and click the “Floppy Disk Drive†icon. From the action menu you can either uninstall the driver and then restart, or try to update the driver.

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