Establishing Rules

Often, when students are engaged in an activity or lesson, discipline problems are minimal. Many teachers find that technology is an invaluable resource that focuses student’s attention and keeps them on task. However, without clear expectations on classroom guidelines and procedures, the class can become chaotic. Here are ways to make sure students are focused.

  • Invite students to participate in creating rules for laptop use. This builds a sense of ownership and caring for how the laptops are handled.
  • Charge laptops before coming to school. Additionally, you will need to think of what a student can do to recharge their battery or “plug in†to an outlet
  • Establish a warm-up at the beginning of the class that uses their laptop on a regular basis.
  • Use infrared capabilities, if available, where teachers can electronically send out assignments and collect homework instantly in class. If this is not the case at your school, determine the means of turning in work.
  • Determine designated times when laptops should/should not be used.
  • Decide on a way to get students’ attention and how they can get your attention when students are busily working on their laptops,
  • Develop procedures for printing or saving their work that is used by all students.
  • Ensure that students are on task when on the Internet rather than surfing the web.
  • Create special rules for working with partners or groups.
  • Provide shutting down instructions at the end of the day.

Submitted by:Leilani Carbonell-Pedroni

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